Fosters Needed

While we aren’t a rescue, we do often have cats and dogs surrendered into our care during our clinics and outreach. We often need short term fosters in Winnipeg while we find a local rescue for them. It can be as short as one night or up to a week for us to find placement.

We will supply fosters with a kennel, food, and any necessary supplies. You provide the love and support as well as commitment to their safety.

Pets will be coming in directly from numerous situations including life as strays, outdoor pets,or perhaps even unfortunate circumstances. Fosters need to be prepared to help them adjust to their new lives.

We also require short term fosters for a “Spay-cation”. These are fosters who can care for a dog for 3 days to a week so we can bring I them into Winnipeg to be spayed. After a few days rest they are brought back home to their loving families.

For more information about fostering or to apply, please contact us at