About us

We are a non profit organization that fundraises to bring pet care resources to First Nations communities across Manitoba. We assist with emergency food supplies, vaccines, emergency veterinary care, grooming, and spay and neuter clinics. While it’s not our primary goal, we also assist with coordinating stray animals and relinquished pets into local rescues.

After volunteering in local rescue on the frontlines for nearly a decade, we found our passion was bringing resources to communities who struggle with access to supplies and vet care. We have always been passionate about building relationships with communities and working together to help pets live their best lives. This passion is what led us to create Frontline K9 Community Outreach.

Though Covid-19 has been an obstacle, we have continued to host Wellness Clinics, spay and neuter clinics, and on going outreach in numerous First Nations communities. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date projects and initiatives we are working on.

We are based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and can be reached through our social media or by email frontlinek9mb@gmail.com