Feed the Furbabies Canada

Feed the Furbabies Canada is a non profit organization that fundraises to support local rescues and First Nations communities with pet food.

By plane, or boat, or vehicle Feed the Furbabies Canada gets food where it’s needed most.

Feed the Furbabies Canada has been our biggest supporter and is our sister organization. We work closely together and Feed the Furbabies Canada supplies nearly all the food we bring out to communities in need.

Providing food to animals in need across Manitoba.

Feed the Furbabies Canada also funds the majority of our clinics as well as regularly sponsoring the emergency care of owned pets who need some assistance.

Bugsy required emergency care after a tragic run in with a porcupine.

Please follow our friends on their social media or contact them at feedthefurbabiescanada@gmail.com They are always in need of donations of pet food, collars, kennels, and funds for vetting.